Friday, September 16, 2011

And that is why I ALWAYS CARRY A PEN...

          Yes, the famous last words of an epiphany's demise. It almost never fails, you are driving in your car, or you are walking through the aisles of the supermarket and all of a sudden it comes to you! The subconscious thoughts that continually float in your brain connecting in infinite combinations finally align into an idea that is so profound you think, "That's it!" It is the perfect solution to a problem, or an idea for a great invention, or a line that would work great in your novel. The idea is so wonderful you think, "There is no way I can forget this, I'll just write it down when I get home."

You finish shopping and then stand in the long line at the counter as the cashier is waiting for the manager to void a purchase. The next person in line writes a check and pulls out their coupons. Three more people to go and now you are actually contemplating buying one of the impulse items displayed next to the checkout. Finally, its your turn and you go to pull out your card to demonstrate how easy a purchase can be, when you realize in sudden horror that you left your card at home when you made your last online purchase.

        On the drive home you berate yourself for being so forgetful. You get out of the car and you start you think, "Wasn't there something I was going to..." Just then your child comes running out of the house and frantically relates how his homework paper is due tomorrow and he has just started and needs your help! You warn your child again, "How many times have I told you not procrastinate!" After you help your child with their paper, and tell them next time they better not put things off till the last moment, you start to remember "oh, ya that reminds me I was going to..." Your spouse comes into the room, "Honey, I got a babysitter get dressed I am taking you out to eat at your favorite restaurant!" "That's great dear! Ok I'll start getting ready."

You go to your room and start to get changed. Perhaps only 2 hours have passed since the synapses in your brain revealed to you the idea that was so good that there was no way to forget it and you think, "Oh ya let me write down that idea I had before I...Wait! Oh Noooooo!" And that is why I AlWAYS CARRY A PEN.

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