Friday, February 3, 2012

I'm Back

There comes a time in each writer's life where life gets in the way of writing for a while. And then, like muscles sore from not going to the gym in a while, the brain yearns to be exercised again. So here I am again flexing my neurons and getting back into the mental gymnasium of writing out my thoughts.

My topic for today is attitude. The power of a positive attitude is amazing in that if developed to its full capacity you virtually make yourself untouchable from the plethora of negativity that assaults us from all sides in our daily lives. But it is one of those things that is easier said than done. When I wrote The Leaf Catcher, I created the main character to embody the epitome of the power of a positive attitude. He endured financial hardship, temptations, being separated from his family and tortured in a dungeon. And though he neared his breaking point, it was the epiphany in his darkest of hours - our attitude determines our quality of life, nothing else - that saved him and allowed him to forgive his tormentors, find peace of mind and happiness no matter what the circumstance.

Each day I challenge myself to find the strength to keep a positive attitude and find something good in every aspect of my life no matter the difficulties that face me. Will I get discouraged and depressed from time to time? Undoubtedly ... we all will. But what will make the difference in the quality of life we enjoy is the realization that the sooner we are able to pull ourselves out of our mental prisons and replace the negativity with a positive outlook and attitude, the sooner we will be able to enjoy life to the fullest of our ability.

It's good to be back. Thank you all for your patience, you can look forward to more thought provoking post as we explore the mind together.